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1065 System major always 04-12-05 06:52 09-30-13 23:18
Larry Trutter  
closed 3.8  
none 3.9  
0001065: [MC] [BUG] MCScanner and Squeak 3.8
As reported by Pavel Krivanek <>:
MCScanner fails when it loads version info which contains MultiString (with
national specific characters) instead of classic String.

Sample package included.

-- Pavel
Able to duplicate the error in 3.8g-6643
related to 0001671closed  Monticello cannot produce a correct mcz file when its sources include unicode strings. 
 MCBug-pk.1.mcz [^] (743 bytes) 04-12-05 06:52
 Monticello-m17n-patch.4.cs [^] (1,104 bytes) 01-09-06 11:34
 Monticello-m17n-patch.5.cs [^] (1,211 bytes) 02-05-06 14:13

10-07-05 08:34   
Itís the following problem: Monticello saves version info in a file in zip archive. It reads content of this file and parses it (MCMczReader>>parseMember:). It works well until the version info contains a WideString. Then the version string is still interpreted as ByteString so the parsing fails.

We have to guess if the source ByteArray contains simple ByteString or WideString. But thatís not all. The version info contains UUIDs that are stored as simple ByteStrings. So result is mix of ByteString and WideString!

I suggest to store version info as UTF-8.
10-11-05 06:47   
Is this related to 0001671?
10-11-05 10:37   
Yes. Well done! 0001671 and 0001065 may be closed.
01-09-06 11:34   
Try the Monticello-m17n-patch.4.cs. You can read m17n MCZ, MCD files. Note that MCBug-pk.1.mcz file is already corrupt (because part of the problem is in MCMczWriter, not Reader). You can create new MCZ, MCD files and confirm they can be read.
02-05-06 14:13   
New slightly changed patch (Monticello-m17n-patch.5.cs) attached.
09-30-13 23:17   
Fixed in 1671