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2452 Tools minor always 01-07-06 03:21 02-27-06 23:46
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0002452: For double clicking on entrys to work properly, Inspectors and Browsers must explicitly disable autodeselect.
The fix for Mantis 0001347: Doubleclick on list entries not working properly

has two parts to it.

The first is correcting the logic in PLM (Plugalbe List Morph)>>mouseUp: .

The second is that once this as done the users of PLM that want double click to work must disable the autodeselect feature by explicitly setting the boolean to false.

The mouseUp: fix has been approved by the Morphic team.
The patches to Inspectors and Browsers need to be approved by the Tools team.

The suggested fix has been uploaded to Manits 0001347 as IB3-8DClickFix-wiz.5.cs.gz which is the combination of the two changesets above it.

Please apporve and integrate the patches to disable autodeselect into your Browser and Inspector tools.

If you know of more places to fix that would be good too.

Yours in service, -- (wiz) Jerome Peace
related to 0007096new  PluggableListMorph>>mouseUp: sets index to 0 
 AutoDeselectToolFixes-wiz.3.cs [^] (4,984 bytes) 02-26-06 06:24

02-26-06 06:33   

Adds autoDeselect: false. to 4 tool methods. The patches come just after the methods setup doubleClick selectors. This is appropriate because doubleClicking will suppose that the item in question will still be selected.
So this should complete the fix started in the fix started in the other report.

Yours in service, -- Jerome Peace
02-27-06 23:46