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2789 Morphic tweak always 02-14-06 09:12 02-14-06 21:00
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0002789: [Enh] Annotation Preference Morph was asthetically challenged.
Get an annotation Morph.

Notice that the apply button is up to high and crowds the collapse button.

Notice also that the shape is awkward.
Tweaked adjustButton until I had something that looked better.

The made the aspect ratio of the panels book like ( 1/ 2 sqrt ).

This is pleasing because a half panel is the same aspect ratio as the full.

Which is why it is used for books.

Now once I figure out how to get the text centered in their panels this will look really nice.
related to 0006625closed Damien Cassou Squeak Packages Preferences bug: Preferences annotationEditingWindow 
 AnnotationMorphFix-wiz.1.cs [^] (3,027 bytes) 02-14-06 09:12
 AnnotationsTNG.gif [^] (6,772 bytes) 02-14-06 09:12

02-14-06 21:00   
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