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0003061: [ENH] [Goodie] The next iteration of Snapview ... SnapPop
Right now (sq7001) you can
get a morph
bring up the handles
press shift and mouse down on the blue viewer handle
you will get a full sized image of your morph.

With the addition of SnapPop-wiz instead of the standard ImageMorph
you get a ThumbnailImageMorph with optional popup feature.

That is to say you still get the fullsized image of your morph. But now that image can be scaled to fit any size. It will prefer sizes that maintain its aspect ratio.

You can use it as a regular morph. Pick it up. Drop it off. Or you can place it where you want it to stay and activate the popup feature. Then pressing down on it will popup a fullsized image of the morph that will vansish when you lift the mouse. ( All this inspired by Lex Spoons CDScreenShotMorph).

But wait thats not all. On the menu you also get the target sighter which lets you change the snapshot to that of any other morph in the currently active world.

And finally here I even remembered to update the view handles balloon help to announce the shift press snapshot feature.

Needless to say this is all very useful in making stop motion animations and building sketches without a sketch morph.

 SnapPop-wiz.8.cs.gz [^] (12,272 bytes) 02-23-06 10:28
 SnapPop-wiz.8.cs [^] (36,114 bytes) 02-23-06 10:29

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Compressed and uncompressed upload of the same cs.
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