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0003075: [Enh] in 7001 there are now Curvier polygons and curves here is the next iteration... MixedCurves
Curves have one sharp bend.

Curviers have none.

Mixed curves allow each vertex to either be part of a smooth curve or have a sharp bend. (The slope is clamped to 0)
Between two adjacent clamped slopes there will be straight segment.
Between two clamped slopes (not adjacent) the slopes will be completely determined by the vertices between the clamps.
That means you can make puzzle pieces and other interesting shapes.

Changeset for adding mixed curves to sq 7001 or later is uploaded

MixedCurveAft7001-wiz.2.cs.gz (compressed version)
More info and a stand alone version that can be loaded in pre curvier versions of squeak are at: [^]
related to 0006698closed  #assertSlopesWith:from:to: in SeqColl needs to be removed 
 MixedCurveAft7001-wiz.2.cs.gz [^] (5,699 bytes) 02-23-06 23:34
 MixedCurveAft7001-wiz.2.cs [^] (20,161 bytes) 02-23-06 23:35

03-14-06 16:15