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3475 Compiler minor always 04-17-06 20:17 04-26-06 11:14
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0003475: Modifications to make MethodWrappers work in 3.9
The extension of MethodNode>>generateMethodWrapper:trailer: doesn't work in Squeak 3.9.
I fixed it with a refactoring of MethodNode>>generate: (included in the attached MC Compiler package).
The modifications in MethodWrappers are included in a change set, because I couldn't load new versions of this package (MC complains with an error on the instance variables of the class MwCompileMethod).
With this modifications the tests pass, but I noticed that the tests doesn't do a correct clean-up of MwClassA and MwClassB in case of failures. [^] (125,284 bytes) 04-17-06 20:17

04-19-06 06:30   
Hi, I have uploaded a new MC package version of MethodWrappers fixed to work with 3.9 in the MC HTTP repository for the codeCoverage project.
To download it from MC:
    location: '' [^]
    user: ''
    password: ''

And then install Compiler-DF.5.mcz and MethodWrappers-DF.7.mcz


-All sends to #tempNameCache: was removed
-MwMethodWrapper implements #asClassDescription to store a correct definition of the class in Monticello
-MwMethodWrapper>>#tempNameCahe: removed
-The extension of MethodNode was removed. Now is implemented using a refactorized MethodNode so #generate:
and MethodWrappers use the same implementation (in the previous version MethodWrappers uses a copy&pasted version of #generate: just to change the class of the compiled method)
The drawback: it requires a different version of the Compiler package

-#generate: implemented as:
generate: trailer
self generateWith: trailer using: CompiledMethod
04-26-06 11:14   
-> image changes are in 3.9a
-> MW code is on SqueakSource (Project MethodWrapper)