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3530 Morphic tweak always 05-04-06 01:31 07-14-06 12:24
closed 3.8  
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0003530: SimpleSwitchMorph does not actually implement switch functionality
SimpleSwitchMorph does not provide an interface to turn the switch on, or off, or to toggle it, or to enquire about the state of the switch. These are elementary operations on switches.

The switch was not initialized to either of its two possible states.

Because of the way that SimpleButtonMorph class implements defaultNameStemForInstances, all subclasses of SimpleButtonMorph claimed to be buttons in the Morphic Halo.
The changeset adds the missing methods, and tests.

I want these methods in the image so that my initial simple example used for teaching (and the book) can indeed be simple, and not have to work around these missing methods.
 SwitchMorphEnh.2.cs [^] (3,306 bytes) 05-04-06 01:31

07-14-06 12:24