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3747 Morphic minor always 05-31-06 19:43 07-14-06 16:32
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0003747: TransformMorph crashes when picked up by handMorph after scaleFactor: is called
I placed a rectangleMorph inside a pasteUpMorph, then called scaleFactor: 1.5. When I tried to pick up the rectangleMorph it exploded, in one case it started flickering and blew up the image.

Running image 3.9b+7032

a HandMorph does not have a transformMorph as a submorph so remove flex shell fails because position is nil. Since hand morph is now holding onto the morph assuming a 1 when nil as in the case when a handmorph is holding the transformMorph fixes the problem.

Attached is a st file with a potential fix which simply adds an if nil check to TransformationMorph>>removeFlexShell

aPosition _ (owner submorphIndexOf: self) ifNil: [1].

-Ron Teitelbaum [^] (1,173 bytes) 05-31-06 19:43

07-14-06 16:32