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3908 Browser minor always 06-27-06 15:59 07-13-06 15:58
closed 3.9  
none 3.9  
0003908: typos in pretty-printing code
in 7035 with AST 57 loaded...
these were working but not in the intended way... see the FIX comments

Behavior>> formatterClass
    ^Preferences useRBASTForPrettyPrint "FIX: added AST, since this is the preference name"
        ifFalse: [ self compilerClass ]
        ifTrue: [ RBParser ]

Behavior>> prettyPrinterClass
    ^Preferences useRBASTForPrettyPrint "FIX: idem"
        ifFalse: [ self compilerClass ]
        ifTrue: [ RBParser ]

ParagraphEditor>> prettyPrint: decorated
    "Reformat the contents of the receiver's view (a Browser)."

    | selectedClass newText |
    model selectedMessageCategoryName ifNil: [^ view flash].
    selectedClass := model selectedClassOrMetaClass.
    newText := selectedClass prettyPrinterClass "FIX: new removed here, since the following method is defined on the class side"
        format: self text
        in: selectedClass
        notifying: self
        decorated: decorated.
    newText ifNotNil:
        [self deselect; selectInvisiblyFrom: 1 to: paragraph text size.
        self replaceSelectionWith: (newText asText makeSelectorBoldIn: selectedClass).
        self selectAt: 1]
this is my 1st report here... I tried to file out the changes but those of Behavior don't go in the .cs file... strange

07-13-06 15:58   
RB fixes are in AST-md.69 (SqueakSource)

Image fix will be in 7042