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4258 Morphic minor always 07-15-06 02:53 10-18-06 14:38
closed 3.9  
0004258: in 7042 SMPackage Browser appears twice in Object Tools pane.
For this one.

Get a fresh squeak in a new directory

From world menu get objects
  From objects select tools.

- Package loader displays twice, (The balloon help for each iconic button is different.)

From the balloon help comments it is apparent that one of the buttons comes from the reqistration for flaps and I think the other is form the description for parts bin.

Other SMpackage bugs still in 7042 see:

  0003445   [Squeak]
Tools minor new 04-08-06 In 7021 SMPackageLoader is initialized with a transparent gradient. This causes unexpected color changes.
related to 0004259closed  In 7042 Opening Object's tool pane is delayed while SMpackage inits. 
 RemoveExtraSMLoader-wiz.1.cs [^] (588 bytes) 09-26-06 04:20

09-26-06 04:22   
From the preamble:

This removes the description for parts bin from SMLoader class. A SMLoader is already in the tools flap because of the registerInFlapsRegistry method. Oddly the SMLoader does not appear in the tools flap.
However its version was initialized to the right size and the removed one was not. Thus the choice was made."!

SMLoader class removeSelector: #descriptionForPartsBin!
10-18-06 14:38   
in 39 RC2