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4372 Morphic minor always 08-02-06 22:51 09-09-08 15:47
nicolas cellier  
closed 3.10  
none 3.10  
0004372: PageUp and PageDown keys do not work in PluggableListMorph
Sometimes they move selection by 1. Sometimes they move selection by 0.
Try for example in a Browser...
This bug is related to (introduced by?): [^]

PluggableListMorph does not implement numSelectionsInView (as ListView does) and revert to ScrollPane default implementation:

    "Answer the scroller's height based on the average number of submorphs."
    ^scroller numberOfItemsPotentiallyInView

    "Answer the number of items that could potentially be viewed in full,
    computed as my visible height divided by the average height of my submorphs.
    Ignore visibility of submorphs."

    ^self innerBounds height // (self localSubmorphBounds height / submorphs size)

Well, the scroller has a single submorph... this implementation is completely broken.
child of 0004719closed  [BUG][FIX] PageUp/PageDown works again in 3.9 

nicolas cellier   
08-02-06 23:03   
Maybe code should be something like:

    "Answer number of items that can fit in the view bounds."
    ^self bounds height // self listMorph font height

But maybe, this has not enough generality, i don't know enough of morphs
nicolas cellier   
09-11-06 12:26   
A [FIX]is proposed at [^]
05-11-07 11:32   
7091PluggableListMorphfix.cs solves this in 3.10
09-09-08 15:47   
Fixed by 0004719 harvested with update 7091 and released in 3.10.