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4391 System major always 08-05-06 16:12 08-10-06 12:20
closed 3.9  
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0004391: Changes disappear from changes set
- Open Squeak3.9b-7051.image
- Make some changes to source code
- Open a dual changes browser, the new changes are in the current project (Unnamed1).
- From the changes browser, open a new change set, accepting the default name "Unnamed".

==> The changes that were in "Unnamed1" disappear from the change set.

Doing a "change sets with this method" confirms that the change has been removed from all change sets in the image.

08-08-06 20:24   
In a fresh Squeak 7051 (revised)
from world menu>open>dual change sorter.

observe title

Changes go to "<no name -- garbage?>"

There is one empty change set 'Unnamed1' but changes have not been set to go to it.

What should be:

***1 empty change set named 'Unnamed'***
***Changes to go to 'Unnamed'***

I have no idea how to set that up programatically. It depends on what you are using for setup doits. I also imaging that if this, if set once, will probably persist of its own accord into future versions.

Good luck.

P.S. This is a very serious bug for those of us who do development with change sets.

08-10-06 12:20   
Fixed with: (7052)

ChangeSet removeEmptyUnnamedChangeSets.
ChangeSet newChanges: (ChangeSorter basicNewChangeSet: 'Unnamed').
ChangeSet current name: 'Unnamed'.
08-10-06 12:20