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4460 Sound crash always 08-09-06 18:44 08-29-06 20:41
Laurence Rozier  
new 3.8  
0004460: randomBitsFromSoundInput: causes crash
SoundService default randomBitsFromSoundInput: 512
causes the image to crash under OS/X 10.4 and nothing is written to the debug log.

08-10-06 05:28   
another data point

outputs fine for me.

SoundService default randomBitsFromSoundInput: 512
" 2721824090667625240012497281187916366542162067315899532304113575067286432320248950537758982410810884747201471742875556287977939587044841156676081548226263"

I am using sq7051r (the most recent one r is for revision) on a iMac under os9.1 with a SqVm3.8.9b7.

So someone needs to verify the problem in your configuratioin.

Yours in service, -- Jerome Peace
08-10-06 19:09   
Need to know which VM this is with, works fine with a mac carbon os-x 3.8.12b4U VM
Laurence Rozier   
08-11-06 15:27   
The VM is Squeak 3.8.12beta4U and the image is Squeak3.8-6665
08-13-06 01:38   
Need to have the crash log.
See ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/Squeak VM Opt.crash.log
Laurence Rozier   
08-13-06 02:44   

Host Name: GVM
Date/Time: 2006-08-11 09:29:41.684 -0400
OS Version: 10.4.7 (Build 8J135)
Report Version: 4

Command: Squeak VM Opt
Path: /Applications/Squeak3.8-MacOS-Full/Squeak VM Opt
Parent: WindowServer [66]

Version: Squeak VM 3.8.12b4 (3.8.12b4)

PID: 2436
Thread: Unknown

Link (dyld) error:

image not found

08-29-06 20:41   
Ok, if this is repeatable you must then invoke the binary via gnu debug
gdb . to do this you open a terminal session and cd down to the binary in the, then invoke gdb against the binary, and say run. When it crashes do a backtrace and do "call (int) printAllStacks()"

so we can see what is failing. I have noticed recently that it does
Link (dyld) error:
image not found

and does not print the reason why, unless you invoke gdb