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4952 Morphic minor always 09-16-06 06:15 09-09-08 16:28
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0004952: [Fix] To clean up unimplementied calls VeryPickyMorph needs to be removed.
From the cs:
VeryPickyMorph it hasn't been referenced since at least 3.7 ( I had to go back to 2.7 to find out it was used by indenting line item morph which was part of the object explorer package. That class was removed some time ago apparently but this one has not been.

This was found by tracking down unimplemented calls.

Remove unreferenced class

the fix:

Smalltalk removeClassNamed: #VeryPickyMorph

Parent issue is: Mantis 0004544
child of 0004544closed  In 7054 there are 194 unimplementedCalls including some that look like they might be important 
 RemoveVeryPicky-wiz.2.cs [^] (583 bytes) 09-16-06 06:15

01-20-07 06:07   
Fixed in Edgar's 7069
04-14-07 13:05   
VeryPickyMorph is one of "leaf" what I group and unload.
See ReleaseBuilderFor3dot10 unloadMorphicClasses
09-09-08 16:28   
I think there is some confusion, update 7069 does not remove VeryPickyMorph. That said, there is no such class in 3.10. So I'm closing this.