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521 Morphic feature always 11-14-04 03:15 04-01-06 20:40
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0000521: [BUG] Button properties Morph need to be fixed or removed.
Button properties work so poorly they are harmful to use. There is too much here IMHO to even attempt to fix.
If there is no one actively taking responsibility for these they should be removed from the image to inspire someone to start afresh.
child of 0006530new  A mother for button, slider and menuItem targeting and argumenting related reports. 
 ButtonPropRemoval-wiz.1.cs [^] (944 bytes) 12-13-05 04:01

12-12-05 16:12   
Call me stupid, but what do you mean by "button properties"?
12-13-05 04:00   
No stupidity needed. I've been working reclusively with just the image for vocabulary. The class name is ButtonPropertiesMorph and that was what I was refering to. Its accessed from a button on the properties sheet that gets called from the recolor halo handle.

Amoung other things it has the same target setting bug that I fixed for sliders. When I started mucking around with it, thinking to fix that bug I came upon others so thick as to make me believe this class is better removed that fixed. If someone really wants something like this they are better off starting from scratch or from some other code model than this one.


I did eventually write a removale cs which now that you've gotten me to attend I've up loaded.

From the preamble:

"Change Set: ButtonPropRemoval-wiz
Date: 21 September 2005
Author: (wiz) Jerome Peace

This cs removes ButtonPropertiesMorph and all references to it.
It was a good idea but an unuseable execution.
Removal allows for a fresh start and cuts down on the bugs and confusion caused by having it around."!

The button proporties box is what I found so broken as to be worth getting rid of so as not to get in the way of someone making a fresh start.
03-30-06 11:58   
for inclusion
04-01-06 20:40