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5631 Browser major always 12-11-06 09:35 02-07-07 06:32
new 3.9  
0005631: Saving a class definition in the hierarchy browser causes a walkback
Browse a class definition in the hierarchy browser, say, HierarchyBrowser. Make a trivial change (e.g., add and delete a space). Save. You get a walkback, as an attempt is made to re-select a non-existant element in the class list.
The uploaded fix seems to work. But there may be a deeper problem in that setClass:selector: is supposed to be called only for browser initialization, and it is being used for re-initialization.
child of 0001272new  HierarchyBrowser>setClass:selector: is broken 
 ClassListSelectionBug.1.cs [^] (1,353 bytes) 12-11-06 09:35

12-13-06 11:17   
There is a deeper issue.

An old report hits on another version of the symptom. 0001272.

The problem is one of a name tangle.
The Hierarchy Browser overrides something in Browser. calls super and gets the wrong catagory list.

I tried detangling what went on but decided the project too tricky for my skill at the time. Tim eventually stumbled across the same problem an wrote his report above and also 0001302 which is from the same problem I believe.

The cure was to get the names separte so the meanings of the two lists would not get confused.

I'd be more specific but this was some time ago and the memory is not fresh.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace