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6546 Tools minor always 06-26-07 10:26 11-19-08 18:40
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0006546: [BUG] [FIX] Click on FileList lower pane gives walkback
ArchiveViewer >> services should be reverted to previous version for fix this.
I do and attach file. Also I do an update with this , is an annoying bug easy to fix
 ArchiveViewer>>services.1.cs [^] (277 bytes) 06-26-07 10:26

07-01-07 17:38   
Hi Edgar,

Can you give a more specific way to reproduce the bug?

For a start what version of squeak does this appear in 7067? 7105? 7108? or later?

For that matter what versions of squeak does it not appear in?

A mantis report should stand up to the test of time and be understandable based on context mentioned in the report.

Also I have found a (I think) related filelist bug see 0006552. The lack of specifics in the report make it hard to know.

[OT] We need to gen-up some tests that can catch these bugs and prove they are not in squeak. But that is for another day.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
07-01-07 17:39   
Reminder sent to: edgardec

07-01-07 18:07   
I sorry don't remember when the bug begin. I have 7105 and is not here.
11-19-08 18:40   
Harvested with update 7118 and released in Squeak 3.10.