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6732 Etoys feature always 10-15-07 15:51 04-18-10 22:04
closed 3.9  
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0006732: Undo polygon painting cause drwaing not functioning anymore
When using the polygon tool of the paintbox, in Squeak 3.9, if we hit the undo botton, the tool dont draws anymore. But if we close de paint area and edit it again, the paint tool polygon came back functional.
OS: XP and Vista 32 bits
 polygon_error.jpg [^] (28,662 bytes) 10-15-07 15:51
 SketchPolygonUndo-M6732-Patch.1.cs [^] (516 bytes) 10-17-07 20:41
 SketchPolygonUndo-M6732-Patch.2.cs [^] (1,356 bytes) 10-17-07 20:53

10-15-07 18:31   
What did you do to before the undo button.

Please describe from a fresh image exactly how to get to the problem.

Cheers, -Jer
10-15-07 19:35   
Started new project. I started the painttool by openning it from the menubar. Choosed the desired color and draw a polygon. I decide to change the width of the lines, so, I hit the undo button. Surprisingly i can't draw a polygon until close the paint tool and start it again.
Used a new fresh squeak image (version 3.9, build 7067)
10-16-07 23:13   

From a fresh sq 7067
WorldMenu>Flaps>Paint Flap (paint flap appears)
Then opened the flap and selected the polygon tool
made some polygons and then
pressed undo (last polygon created disappeared)

I tried to create more polys but could not.
Then I tried the other four tools all worked even after undoing them once or twice. Then
switch back to polygon tool.
(still was unable to create more polys)

Once I tossed this drawing an created a fresh one I could again create polygons up until the first undo.
10-16-07 23:16   
I was using a iMac running OS9.1 so the problem is a cross platform squeak image problem. Beyond that I haven't a clue at the moment.

Questions to answer:
Does it work in 3.8? or OPLC if so what is the difference.

For that matter what is the difference between the polygon tool and the other four tools that don't have this trouble?
10-17-07 18:49   
The same error is found on the 3.8.1 full image, 3.8 image from small-land and etoys of OLPC downloaded at 1st October! Dont know if it occurs on previous releases.
nicolas cellier   
10-17-07 20:44   
Joined a first patch attempt. Not a perfect one...
Due to the handles, polygon has a complex state handling machinery...
nicolas cellier   
10-17-07 20:53   
Ah Patch.2.cs is a little better.
10-18-07 00:32   
Many thanks Nicolas!
You are kind people. Tried the path 2. It works!!!
nicolas cellier   
01-11-08 21:42   
"fix begin"
Installer mantis bug: 6732 fix:'SketchPolygonUndo-M6732-Patch.2.cs'.
"fix test"
"fix end"
nicolas cellier   
10-04-09 18:36   
Fixed in [^]