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6793 Janitorial tweak always 11-30-07 03:55 05-26-08 18:39
closed 3.10  
none 3.10  
0006793: In sq 7158 The Object Tool and the Object Flap are out of sync.
For this one:

Open the object flap.

Notice that the catagory for Kadema is missing. And the catagory for StarSqueak is present but pressing that tab gets you an empty holder.

The catagories for the tabs are not up to date.

Also the morphs in the tab originally opened are not up necessarily up to date. Newly pressed tabs will generally be ok because they are created when pressed.

All the flaps probably need to be destroyed and recreated to make them relevant to this image. This would be a janitorial clean up task done before the release is set in stone.

It of course wouldn't hurt to do it a bit early and get feedback from the test pilots.

Yours in service and curiosity, --Jerome Peace
related to 0007035closed edgardec Fix system version for 3.10.1 

05-18-08 19:23   
Edgar addressed this issue with update 0007161 intended for 3.10.1.
05-26-08 18:39   
Fixed in 3.10.1