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6821 Monticello major always 12-20-07 16:18 04-15-11 14:45
Herbert Koenig  
assigned 3.10  
0006821: can't load mcz or filein of classes with german umlauts
the appended mcz or st file do not load into fresh 3.10.gamma 7159

They do into 3.8.0006665. 3.8 can also file out the class

The class was created in 3.10, the mcz was written in 3.10.
Fileout of the class was impossible in 3.10.

In any case the whole thing has to do with UTF8 characters.

VM is 3.10.6 Windows
OS is XP SP2 latest Update [^] (1,535 bytes) 12-20-07 16:18

Herbert Koenig   
04-15-11 14:45   
Problem is almost gone away.
I checked with a 10899 image and I could load the attached st. Also drop it on the image and select "file in entire file".

With MC open, merge, browse, changes work, so I assume the others to work too.

What does not yet work, is to drop the mcz on the image and select "load".

IMO this issue can be closed, at least the severity isn't major any more.