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0007057: [Fix] The test LangEnvBugs did not leave fonts the way they were.
The test LangEnvBugs did not leave fonts the way they were.

In creating a change that tested the original bug (0005309) my attempts to restore the situation to normal after the test prove insufficient.

The font defaults were changed and caused the second pass of the tests to run unstably.

This was interesting and pointed to other bug weaknesses in squeak.
Still not a desirable state of affairs for this test.

The test should note the state of all fonts it affects and restore their state.

This has proven trickier than I thought. The font preferences have been sorely used. And ordinary messures have not worked.

While I am still working on it I have come up with a work around.

I make the assumption that tests will generally be run while the default fonts are in place. So I have added a tearDown method that simply restores the default fonts after the test has been run.

This will still change things if the fonts did not start out as default but it is a better state of affairs than we had.

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related to 0007035closed edgardec Fix system version for 3.10.1 [^] (214 bytes) 05-19-08 18:42

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Fixed in 3.10.1