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7112 any major always 07-07-08 19:46 11-18-08 23:09
Javier Diaz  
0007112: Embeding a NCPinMorph in a rotated morph move the pin to a incorrect position
Create a Rectangle morph, rotate, put a Pin morph in center and embed, the pin is now moved a big distance from the original position.

Squeakland 3.8-05, latest update: 0000556
related to 0006747new  Squeak [Bug] How to make a dizzy Morph Bounce [^] (397 bytes) 11-12-08 19:58
 ncpinmorph-drop-fix.1.cs.gz [^] (626 bytes) 11-18-08 23:06

Javier Diaz   
11-12-08 19:59   
Using addMorphFrontFromWorldPosition: instead of addMorphFront: appears to correct the bug
Javier Diaz   
11-18-08 23:09   
The NCPinMorph>>droppedIntoPasteUp: also needs fixing because the pin try to embeded itself into the TransformationMorph, the file ncpinmorph-drop-fix.1.cs.gz contains the two changes