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7127 OmniBrowser minor always 07-18-08 13:51 08-11-08 12:34
0007127: Multiple selection browser retains selections even when method list changes
in a fresh squeak-dev based on 3.10.2 from 08.07.01
For this one get an OBMultipleSelectionBrowser
Select a class catagory and method list
select the first method on the list
using shift click multiselect the second method also.

now change catagories.
the first two methods of the new catagory will be indicated as selected.

I didn't observe what happen to the selections in the text panes.
I am doing this complaint from memory,
I noticed this while looking at other bugs in ob and wanted to plant
a seed on mantis to get it fixed.

I think that the list that holds on to the multiselection indexes needs to be cleared when the method list is changed and this is not happening.

08-11-08 12:34   
Thanks for reporting.
In OB-Enhancements-dr.194 (see [^] I made sure that the selected methods in the method column are always in sync with the methods displayed in the definition panel, ie. that no method is selected which is not also displayed in source code.
Please let me know whether you still encounter any problems with multiple selection, thanks.