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0007137: Highly composite numbers, Integer>>#numberOfDivisorCombinations
Attached is an integer method which computes the number of divisor combinations.

Examples 4096 => 13, 2520 => 48, more and links to background in the attached. [^] (1,127 bytes) 07-31-08 15:35

nicolas cellier   
07-31-08 08:27   
Ah number theory... could be an add-on package with other functions like totient etc...

I propose that the method would be split in two parts:
- The message #primeFactors certainly is valuable by itself.
- And it could eventually be optimized by other techniques in case of LargeInteger arithmetic (if ever needed).

07-31-08 10:00   
Thank you for your interest Nice ;)

But the method does not just compute divisors, it computes all possible combinations of them. And I do not want to split it up, unless there is a demonstratable benefit.

If someone wants to speed it up then computing the next smallest prime factor would benefit performance for sure.

Another optimization would be to not use a dictionary. But this method is for SBE to demonstrate use of Dictionary as Bag.

BTW I doubt you can provide an optimization for Large*Integers :(

And please, do *not* discuss any further here, use private email or squeak-dev as fits, then post *results* to mantis. TIA
07-31-08 15:35   
Corrected primesBag inject:into: to primesBag values inject:into: for ANSI compliance.