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7225 Morphic minor sometimes 11-16-08 20:04 11-16-08 20:04
0007225: When reloaded from project AnimatedImageMorph does not animate properly.
For this one
In a fresh 3.10.2 squeak
create a new project.
Read in a gif file so that an animate image morph is created.
This will work as expected.

Save the project.
quit squeak.
The next day come back and reload the project.
The morph loads but the animation is stalled at the last frame before the save.
The problem is that nextTime contains a absolute time and is used for comparison with the current time.
When saved is gets out of sync.
So the morph does not update until squeak has been up long enough to exceed nextTimes value.

Yours in service and curiosity, --Jerome Peace
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