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7396 Etoys major N/A 09-12-09 21:48 09-13-09 05:35
0007396: Cannot open halo
Whether I right click or left click, I am unable to open a halo. When I click (right OR left) it simply lifts the object and moves until I click again.
I am a teacher and a mother and would love to use this application with my students and personal children.

09-13-09 05:34   
Hi Kimberly,
This is a better question to ask on a mailing list.
The squeakland list would probably be best.

That said have you tried clicking while holding the alt (cmd on a mac) key down? That usually does it.
The other info that would be needed to answer your question is computer specific. And there would be a bunch of them.
Mac or PC? Which version? How are your preferences set? (What preferences you ask?)

Which is why I need to direct you to a mailing list. If you ask a question in a large enough group of people your bound to find someone who knows how to easily answer it.

Yours in service --Jerome Peace
09-13-09 05:35   
Reminder sent to: kimberlytufts