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7437 Morphic minor sometimes 01-11-10 07:15 04-18-10 21:59
closed trunk  
none 3.11  
0007437: In sq 8836 projects are not prepared to be saved.

For this one open a new morphic project
open a project. Try to save it.

You get a primitive failed message.
That is due to some interaction with bytestring and utf.

That's not the problem I reach for this report.

Somehow I got past that and failed in
'ar 1/3/2010 16:17 PasteUpMorph prepareToBeSaved {misc}'

It sends #isTileMorph to a list that just selected soundTiles.
I fixed that by deleting the send.

Unfortunately the project still did not seem like it wanted to be saved. It hung somewhat latter in the process.

So that seems like at least three errors.

I've uploaded the method without the #isTileMorph send. [^] (1,328 bytes) 01-11-10 07:15

01-11-10 22:52   
To recreate the problem:

Open a new morphic project
Rename it something (To do this I went to previous project and edited the label from Unnamed to TestSave)
Renaming gets you past the primitive failed bug.

Now from within the project ask to save. The save dialog box comes up.
To proceed press 'save on local disk only'
Then you will get the Collections DNU #isTileMorph error.

remove the isTileMorph selector from the #prepareToBeSaved message and run into the third bug.
The whole thing seems to hang.

01-12-10 23:05   
In 8864. Erroneous send deleted.