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0007443: In sq 8864 Changesorter shows changeset name twice after loaded from project.
For this one.

In a fresh sq 8864
load in a project which contains a changeset.
Open a dual change sorter.
Notice that the name of the loaded project appears twice.
Loading a second version of the project results in the name appearing four times.

clicking on any of the identical names selects the uppermost one.

Change the current changeset ( e.g. to Unnamed).
Delete the duplicated changeset.
The second entry is now for a moribund cs (i.e <garbage...>)

There are other older bugs in changeset stemming from the improvement attempted in 0005831 which has been reported in 0007342 and mentioned in 0007412
child of 0007480feedback  Issues that should be fixed in 4.1 

03-09-10 20:02   
There is also an additional zzTemp Changeset that has the the same contents than the original Changeset
03-12-10 08:49   
Hi laza, thanks for all the help (this and other of my bug reports)

the zzTemp changeset appearing is an old behavior and I assume benign. Loading a changes set seems to use that name first then creates a set with the proper name. Sometimes it is not always cleaned up afterward.

I am more concerned with the new behavior of identical change set names. This points to the new crop of bugs. I assess the double changeset have a risk of being something serious. In any event they needed to be pointed out before their creator moves on to other mischief.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace