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0007472: In sq 9563 copying workspace text across images loses line endings
For this one.

Open two fresh sq 9563 images.

In one open a workspace
type the digits 1 to 9 each on a separate line


select the entire work space and copy the text.

Open a second workspace in the same image and paste the text
(you will see what you typed)

Now go to the second image and
Open a workspace and paste the text.
(notice that all nine digits are now on the same line.)

What happened to the line endings?

I am doing this inter image pasting in the context of Ubuntu 8.04.

Will this bug reproduce on a Mac or Windows system?
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03-10-10 09:33   
I can't reproduce this. Neither on Ubuntu 9.10 nor on Windows. What VM were you using? Does the problem still exist for you?
03-12-10 09:01   
Hi laza,
Interesting data point. Which vm are you using?

I have a early pharo closure vm in service. Not quite sure which one.

What should I be using?

Cheers --Jer
03-12-10 13:24   
Let's see

3.10-6 #1 So 23. Aug 13:22:14 CEST 2009 gcc 4.3.4
Squeak3.10beta of 22 July 2007 [latest update: 0007159]
Linux renaud 2.6.30-1-686 #1 SMP Mon Aug 3 16:18:30 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux
default plugin location: /usr/lib/squeak/3.10-6/*.so

This should be the last VM with closure support before the build system switched using cmake

You could also try the latest VM from [^]
03-16-10 19:52   
wiz? More info? Can you still reproduce this? Can I close now?
03-17-10 07:07   
Hi Ken, please don't close yet. I haven't tried with the suggested vm and I want to do that.
With the pharo vm the symptoms are quite solid for me.

Cheers -Jer.
03-23-10 20:03   
I am having the same problem, Kubuntu 9.1.
03-23-10 20:30   
$ squeak -version
+ exec padsp /opt/4dst/thirdparty/squeak/lib/squeak/3.11.3-2135/squeakvm -pathenc UTF-8 -encoding UTF-8 -plugins /opt/4dst/thirdparty/squeak/lib/squeak/3.11.3-2135 -vm-sound-oss -version
3.11.3-2135 #1 XShm Wed Sep 16 14:25:10 PDT 2009 gcc 4.3.3
Linux ubuntu 2.6.28-15-generic 0000049-Ubuntu SMP Tue Aug 18 18:40:08 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux
plugin path: /opt/4dst/thirdparty/squeak/lib/squeak/3.11.3-2135 [default: /opt/4dst/thirdparty/squeak/lib/squeak/3.11.3-2135/]

$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 9.04
Release: 9.04
Codename: jaunty

$ uname -a
Linux chrisT60p 2.6.28-11-generic 0000042-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 17 01:57:59 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux
03-24-10 10:06   
Hm, I try to figure out what changed, but I'm seeing that now too! :{
04-08-10 19:15   
more data points.

In a sq 7067 (3.9)
Open a workspace
Type digits on separate lines.

Open a fresh sq 9885 (4.1rc)
paste note that pasting works correctly.

In a fresh workspace in sq 9885
type digits on separate lines

Back in sq sq 7067
Open a fresh workspace.
Note that you get digits on separate lines. Good.

Launch a new sq 9885
Open a fresh workspace.
Note you get digits on same line.
So suspects:

Linux has an alibi.

New workspace (shout) needs to be grilled.

There seems to be something that makes the workspace decide to change line endings. It does not happen in all cases (else the plain workspace paste would foul up also). It also doesn't happen within the same image. It does happen after an excursion between images.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

P.S I tried coping text into the text editor.
Noted digits all on separate lines.
The problem seems to happen in the paste to workspace phase.

04-08-10 19:24   
q:Is this a show stopper?

a: Probably.

Copy and paste is pretty essential.

I have found one apparent work around.

You can copy from workspace to into a text editor w/o using line endings.

Then you have to copy the text in the text editor and use that to paste into your second image.

I suppose this also means you could save the workspace to disk. Open that file and copy and paste into a second image.

All this is a big hassle for something that used to work and is just supposed to work.

If 4.1 is released with this bug then it at least has to be mentioned as a known issue.

Cheers --Jer
04-09-10 21:43   
I have repro. Let me know if there's something I can do to help track this one down.

casey@wanderlust:~$ squeak -version
3.10-6 #1 Sun Aug 2 02:02:29 PDT 2009 gcc 4.2.4
Squeak3.10beta of 22 July 2007 [latest update: 0007159]
Linux ubuntu 2.6.24-24-generic #1 SMP Fri Jul 24 22:46:06 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux
default plugin location: /usr/local/lib/squeak/3.10-6/*.so
04-13-10 12:06   
This might be the cause of the problem. Can anyone verify that this solves the issue?

from [^]

On Apr 11, 2010, at 5:43 PM, Jerome Peace wrote:

> First across images cutting and pasting loses line endings.

Fix your locale settings in your .profile or .bashrc or whatever you
use. Adding

export LC_ALL=C


export LC_ALL=en.US_UTF-8


export LC_ALL=$LANG

will probably fix it. Open a new shell and try again.
04-14-10 01:38   
Hi laza.

I am currently trying variations of Ian's suggestions. The problem is I can't figure out which one specifically is relevant to the Ubuntu 8.04 enviornment.
Also, I need to know what would be a significant test. I have written Ian offlist and I am waiting for a reply.

Meanwhile the problem has proved harder than the variations I was able to try. The problem still exists. It is still extremely annoying and limiting. And it needs to be resolved.

The 3.9 image provides copiable text without the problem. So without changing anything in the Ubuntu enviornment there should be something in squeak that has change/could be reverted that holds the solution.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
04-14-10 07:41   
More data points.

Using sq 4.1.1. (sq 9938) and the vm from

copy the first paragraph and a half from the "Welcome..." window.

Opening a 3.9 squeak (old vm) I can paste that getting correct line endings\

Opening a second 4.1.1 image I paste the same thing and have lost the line endings.

If I explore the Clipboard default in the 3.9 squeak I see the pasted text.

If I explore the Clipborad default in 4.1.1 I do not see the pasted text but apparently some text leftover from the save.

If I explore the Clipboard default in the source 4.1.1 image I see the copied text with the correct line endings.

To get the pasted text in the destination 4.1.1 I have to explore the result of

Clipboard default primitiveClipboardText

Which calls <primitive 141> successfully. The text comes back from the primitive w/o the line endings.

So what is primitive 141 doing that gets me no line endings?

More. What is the 4.1.1 primitive doing that the 3.9 primitive is not?

Finally, having retreived the system clipboard text from the primitive why is it not stored into the Clipboard default? Come to think of it when are things stored into the Clipboard default?

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
06-17-11 23:54   
Time to freshen this report.

Problem still happens in Sq4.3.

Ubuntu 8.04

I can copy text from a Squeak 4.1 image workspace or codeholder.

If I paste it into the linux Text Editor the lines are separate. If instead
I paste it into a workspace or codeholder in sq4.2 (10976) the line endings seem to be lost.

If I instead copy what I just pasted in the Text Editor and paste that into the workspace or code holder the line endings are preserved.

Q: How do I find out what the difference is between the paste buffer in the first paragraph and the paste buffer in the second?