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7570 Kernel minor always 11-13-10 17:41 02-06-11 23:48
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0007570: CompiledMethod asString fails with an improperStore
(Object compiledMethodAt: #name) asString --> "Error: Improper store into indexable object" because the primitive in ByteString>>replaceFrom:to:with:startingAt: fails, and ByteString checks that you're only putting Characters into it (and we're trying to put a SmallInteger in there).

CompiledMethod subclasses ByteArray, and the following _does_ work:

(ByteArray newFrom: (Object compiledMethodAt: #name)) asString --> a string with each character having the char-code of the corresponding integer in the ByteArray.

11-15-10 04:23   
I doubt the sender of #asString would expect a string with random characters. If we want to implement #asString, then [^self printString] is a better candidate IMHO.
11-15-10 09:39   
It bugs me more that ByteArray does one thing when a subclass, CompiledMethod, doesn't.

I'd be happy with anything that worked the same for both.

If we want "^ self printString" it'd be simpler to remove ByteArray>>asString.
11-15-10 10:02   
It's sometimes useful to convert a ByteArray to a ByteString the way #asString does it (binary-ascii buffer changes are done this way in some streams IIRC). But it's hardly useful to do the same with a CompiledMethod. This wouldn't be an issue if CompiledMethod were a simple variableByteSubclass of Object instead of ByteArray, but that way some methods would be duplicated.
Another option is to do the same what Pharo does: ^self getSource asString.
12-08-10 02:47   
I implemented the method in Kernel-ul.521 as Object does it with the following reasoning:

"Why doesn't it return a string with the bytes as characters like ByteArray does it?
Because it's not very useful to get an unreadable string with random looking characters. Also CompiledMethod is a subclass of ByteArray only to avoid code
duplication, it could be a variableByteSubclass of Object.

Why doesn't it return the source code like Pharo does it?
Because that requires several changes in the way the sources and changes files are used (concurrency issues). And it's a lot slower."

I set the status to feedback, because I'm interested in your opinion.
12-10-10 09:26   
First, I'm happy that it doesn't break, like the old behaviour.

Second, I'm happy, as long as we understand that a CompiledMethod is-a ByteArray simply for purposes of code reuse - as an implementation detail, in other words - not because it is of necessity a ByteArray. (Maybe it'd be useful to say that in a class comment.)
12-12-10 04:09   
Here's a small hack (really just a hack) to change CompiledMethod to be a subclass of Object. Use it with care:

| class |
class := CompiledMethod superclass.
[ class == Object ] whileFalse: [
    class selectorsAndMethodsDo: [ :selector :method |
        (CompiledMethod methodDictionary includesKey: selector) ifFalse: [
                compile: method getSource asString
                classified: class name ] ].
    class class selectorsAndMethodsDo: [ :selector :method |
        (CompiledMethod class methodDictionary includesKey: selector) ifFalse: [
            CompiledMethod class
                compile: method getSource asString
                classified: class name ] ].
    class := class superclass ].
[ Object variableByteSubclass: #CompiledMethod
    instanceVariableNames: ''
    classVariableNames: 'MutexForPicking RandomForPicking LargeFrame SmallFrame'
    poolDictionaries: ''
    category: 'Kernel-Methods' ]
    on: Error, Warning
    do: [ :ex | ex resume ]
12-17-10 14:44   
I'm happy with the class comment saying "We subclass ByteArray to avoid unnecessarily duplicating ByteArray's methods, not because a CompiledMethod is-a ByteArray."
01-29-11 12:21   
I added the comment in Kernel-ul.540.
01-29-11 16:16   
Ah, great. Thanks!