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7587 Morphic minor always 12-17-10 19:52 12-17-10 19:52
kbrown MacPro Intel  
OS X  
normal 10.6.5  
0007587: cntl-cmd-click drag does not resize,
From Name: Morphic-bf.449
Author: bf
Time: 24 June 2010, 3:41:52.939 pm
UUID: f588bcdb-0e0e-4541-aa83-224c90a97e60
Ancestors: Morphic-bf.448

- grow equally in all directions on ctrl-halo drag
cntl-cmd-click drag does not resize, even tho cmd-click brings up halos and is evidently equivalent to blue button click
MacOS X 10.6.5, Open fresh Squeak4.2-10548-alpha, update to 10792, running on Cog 4.0.0.
Open a Browser

Do cmd-click over the bottom Browser pane, get halos

Do cntl-cmd-click drag down to right, this apparently should allow resize but doesn't, get the contextual menu with 'grab' at the top.

Programming a Kensington Trackball button to send cmd-click while holding cntl, or cntl-cmd-click does not work either. Only thing that was found to work was to program the Trackball button to send Right Click while holding cntl. From the Trackball docs, Right Click is supposed to send cntl-click, but this brings up halos without the cntl held down. info.plist has the following:
SqueakMouseCmdButton1 3
SqueakMouseCmdButton2 3
SqueakMouseCmdButton3 2
SqueakMouseControlButton1 1
SqueakMouseControlButton2 3
SqueakMouseControlButton3 2
SqueakMouseNoneButton1 1
SqueakMouseNoneButton2 3
SqueakMouseNoneButton3 2
SqueakMouseOptionButton1 2
SqueakMouseOptionButton2 3
SqueakMouseOptionButton3 2
Multiple monitors

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