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7831 Any minor always 09-12-15 21:02 09-12-15 21:02
Nicolai Hess  
assigned 5.0  
0007831: Horizontal scrollbar not always proprtional to the content
The is some strange behavior on the horizontal scrollbar, sometimes
it enables scrolling about an area that is much bigger than the
content, and sometimes it is to small.

attached a picture of the system browser, showing both issues.

In the package pane, you see already the "longest content" but the
scrollbar allows to scroll an addition third. So, you can scroll the
whole content out of the screen.
On the other side, the method pane, the scrollbar is already on the
right most position, but you still can not see the last part of the method names.

(It seems, this discrepancy between the visible area and the size of the scrollbar depends on the window size)
 SqueakScreen.2.png [^] (47,242 bytes) 09-12-15 21:02

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