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7842 FFI minor always 12-01-15 21:09 12-01-15 21:09
Nicolai Hess  
new 4.5  
0007842: FFI examples on Linux /Unix examples don't work
X11Display coloredRectangles

raises an error coud not coerce arguments

posted on the mailing list and we have a bug entry in pharos bug tracker.

My analysis:

I replaced all X11Drawable arguments in the ffi call signature to ulong
and replace the call ... drawable ... with ... drawable xid ...

But I am confused because the latest update for the examples had
the comment "made the XLib examlpes actually work". So maybe my usage or version
of FFI is wrong.
see discussion [^]
and [^]

attached the change set I made to make the examples working again.
But I don't know
 fix_ffi_unix_examples.1.cs [^] (5,957 bytes) 12-01-15 21:09

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