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0007860: Remove the mention about WbSet, WbDictionary from wiki
On, [^] there is the following text:
Use WbArray's, WbOrderedCollections, WbSet's and WbDictionary's

For the new Closures, the Array class cannot be made uncompact, which means they cannot use #primitiveChangeClassTo:, which means it cannot be added to the WriteBarrier, which means they end up in Magma's readSet, which means commits will be slower. WbArray is just a subclass of Array which _can_ be compacted. WbOrderedCollection is just an OrderedCollection that uses an internal WbArray instead of an internal Array. Likewise for Dictionary and Set.

Therefore, using these WriteBarrier-capable versions will improve performance.
This was removed as of WriteBarrier-cmm.47.mcz

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