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7870 VM crash always 04-10-18 11:55 06-13-18 00:49
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0007870: GC on save image or manual GC crashes image
I have a fairly large image (~ 2800 Mb) and suddenly I cannot save the image anymore.
If I manually run garbage collection, it seems to trigger the same, markAndTrace, function causing a SIGSEGV.
I cannot reproduce with a clean image, unfortunately.
See attached crash.dmp.
Running on macOS 10.12.6 (16G1212, 32 GB memory.
 crash.dmp [^] (33,435 bytes) 04-10-18 11:55

04-10-18 15:25   
I fear you may have hit a limit within the 32-bit VM. I cannot offer specific advice, but if you are able to ask on either vm-dev or squeak-dev lists, someone may be able to help. Based on past experience with other VMs, it may sometimes be possible to work around the condition by opening your image with a different VM (maybe the stack version for example), or by running it on a different platform (Linux or Windows). I do not know if that would help in this case but it may be worth a try.
04-26-18 10:55   
But this is a 64 bit VM:

/Applications/ Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64
I have been using squeak.cog.spur_macos64x64_<date>.dmg distributions since last summer. (Together with the 64 bit images).
I have since rebuilt the image and loaded everything from Monticello.
But, it is a good advise to use stack vm - I'll try that.
06-13-18 00:49   
Tim, if you are still having this problem, can you please open an issue on the opensmalltalk-vm issue tracker list at [^] (and/or raise a question on the vm-dev list)? Other people on the vm-dev list may be able to offer advice, and if it is a VM bug it can be addressed on the github issue tracker. Thanks