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0002690 [Squeak] Etoys minor always 02-08-06 05:24 02-22-06 19:06
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Status closed   Product Version 3.9
Summary 0002690: Does Squeak still require the isFlagship Preference?
Description This is used just in one place the personal menu.
To add items to allow etoys to use vector vocabulary.

introduced in 2000 by sw.
It currently sits hardcoded false.
And I doubt it is used today.

Additional Information It should be garbage collected IMHO.

Also [Slightly OT] does anyone still use specialized vocabularies in etoys and in particular does anyone use the #vector vocabulary?

Attached Files  PersMenuFix-wiz.1.cs [^] (1,771 bytes) 02-21-06 03:02

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02-08-06 06:21

This "isFlagship" preference was used during the years that Alan Kay's cumulative corpus of demo and presentation material resided in a huge, content-rich variant of the current leading-edge Squeak development image, which we informally called "The Flagship." It was always central to the SqC process that Alan be working and presenting using an image that was code-identical to the one in which we were doing ongoing development, and the point of the preference was to allow code in updates (primarily in preambles and postscripts) to be sensitive to particular needs of that system, and in particular to avoid sweeping reinitializations that had the potential to clobber existing content.

Regarding the "vector" vocabulary: this was implemented by Ted Kaehler at Alan's request; Alan still uses the vector vocabulary in his presentations and experiments, and always has it enabled. Thus, the portion of the etoy-using community who actually use the "vector" vocabulary is small but distinguished.

I ageee that the "isFlagship" preference serves no useful purpose in systems any more, and that it can safely be removed, and I further agree that items relating to the vector vocabulary have no place in the generic "personal" menu any more.
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02-08-06 21:16

Hi Scott,

Great answer!

I was curious about whether Alan was still doing demo's with the vector vocabulary. Would it be a good thing to look into with the idea of making more "main stream." In squeak?

With you answer I'll proceed to remove the preference and code. Thanx.

Yours in service, -- Jerome Peace
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02-09-06 02:50

I think the vector preference should continue to be *off* by default. The feature is little-known, "kind of strange", undocumented, and likely to exhibit bugs or at least oddities and surprises when in the hands of anyone other than Alan. Also, the only person in a position to support this work (Ted) it is not actively working in Squeak these days. So, though it may sound weird, I think the best positioning of the vector vocabulary is for it to continue to remain available but hard-to-find...
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02-21-06 03:07

Uploaded fix for this and also bug reported in mantis 0002990.
Same cs is uploaded there as well.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace
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02-22-06 19:06

will be in 7002

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