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0006552 [Squeak] Tools major always 07-01-07 17:25 07-03-07 02:48
Reporter wiz View Status public  
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Priority high Resolution open  
Status new   Product Version 3.10
Summary 0006552: in 7108 typing in a file pane causes a error
Description for this one in a fresy 7108
open a file list
move the mouse over the right hand pane (the one with list of dates and filenames)
Type a letter (I used "t" )
a debug box comes up "primitive failed"
Additional Information The same problem does not happen in 7105
there the same formula just flashes the box (because no string starts with $t .

This is probably related to 0006546 and may already be fixed in later versions of 3dot10.

I don't have anything later than 7108 to play with because I wait until the image is put on the ftp site before downloading.

So if someone could do a quick check that might show this has been resolved by the previous fix (or not)

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
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parent of 0006403new  In 7081 preference browser: typing a search string gets gets the letters in the wrong order. 
related to 0006462closed  Jump-by-key in some lists broken 
Not all the children of this issue are yet resolved or closed.

- Notes
(0010849 - 280 - 334 - 334 - 334 - 334 - 334)
07-01-07 18:06
edited on: 07-01-07 18:07

Problem is due to PLM>>basicKeyPressed change introduced in 7108 changeset (MC26)

reverting that restores the old behavior.

Please suggest to the author cdlm that more through testing is needed. when resubmitting the fix.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

(0010851 - 381 - 425 - 425 - 425 - 425 - 425)
07-01-07 18:21

Looking at the method in PLM it smells like a refactoring is in order

There should be an object that returns "keystrokes-to-search-for" when given basic keypress.

And there should be a routine that returns a selection when given "keystrokes-to-searchfor" The ivars for the keystrokes should belong to the object and not to PLM or the other two places basicKeystroke is used.
(0010852 - 877 - 943 - 943 - 1083 - 1083 - 1083)
07-01-07 20:45

The more I look the more I see that (a hypothetical) recentKeystrokes is similar to ClickState which is handled as an adjuct of HandMorph.

So the pattern that implements it should be similar and located at that level. This code is repeated in three places.
PluggableListMorph basicKeyPressed: {model access}
PluggableMultiColumnListMorph basicKeyPressed: {model access}
PreferenceBrowserMorph basicKeyPressed: {event handling}

Furthermore the time used to judge the timeout is taken from when the code is run not when the key event happens. It can and does happen that keys can be pressed in rapid succesion and then as the recentKeystrokes are collected and processed the time between collecting the nth and nth+1 keystroke can exceed the 300ms event thought the keyevents do not.

The preference browser has this bug which is reported in mantis 0006403.
(0010855 - 221 - 233 - 233 - 316 - 316 - 316)
07-03-07 02:48

The latest fix (7112PluggableListMorph-basicKeyPressed..cs) in 0006462 solves the problem mentioned here .

There is still a very bad smell to the three routines that use this code. A refactoring would be a worthy repair.

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