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0007477 [Squeak] VM minor always 03-11-10 11:19 04-18-10 21:55
Reporter laza View Status public  
Assigned To lewis
Priority normal Resolution no change required  
Status closed   Product Version trunk
Summary 0007477: Close box no longer allows exit from squeak.
Description This is about a VM feature request:

The proper behavior is it should suspend all squeak activity except for a dialog allowing the user the choice of quitting without saving or canceling the close request.

On a Ubuntu system I had to go into the terminal to explicitly kill the process. That was the only way out of the situation.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
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related to 0007436closed laza Close box no longer allows exit from squeak. 

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03-17-10 06:40

laza resolved this in the related report. I don't think it was ever actually a vm problem.
The close box had once closed squeak without a dialog. That did not save your work.
Then it was fixed so it didn't close squeak without a dialog. That did not lose your work.
Now it is fixed to put a dialog up that allows one to close squeak and save, close squeak and not save, or cancel the close operation.

Goldilock's is very pleased. Problem solved.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace.
(0013566 - 220 - 238 - 238 - 238 - 238 - 238)
03-17-10 17:08

I was under the imagination that you would like the linux vm to behave the same way as the windows vm on closing the squeak window.
But I happily mark this bug as resolved/no changed required! :)

Right Goldilocks? ;)
(0013568 - 750 - 840 - 840 - 840 - 840 - 840)
03-18-10 03:53

Hi laza,

Actually I was okay with the first behavior where the close box always closed without saving. Of course that's not safe.

I last used a mac and the only option the mac file menu allowed me was close without saving. Of course if I didn't want to do that I wouldn't close sqeuak from the mac menubar.

I wonder what the windows vm allows?

The current solution (dialog) I think would please anybody. I can see the benifit of not being allowed to absentmindedly lose my work.

As its the middle of the road, the current solution is one a Goldilock's (or little bear) would approve. Which is why I said that.

Anyway, good work and thanks. I don't think anything more is needed.

Your is curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

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